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Miguelito Valdes: The Afro song


For those who briefly recognize his voice, Miguelito Valdés was hardly a reference in Cuban music. For posterity, for the tasters of Cuban music, on the other hand, he is one of the most brilliant figures in the history of son, rumba, bolero, Afro song … His influence was decisive on Benny Moré, Cascarita , Tito Rodríguez and many others. His unrestricted approach to melody, harmony and rhythm, as well as his percussive vocal technique, continue to be appreciated as his voice goes round and round in players spreading the flavor, enthusiasm and energy that gave him a wide advantage on any other figure in its genre and language.

In the centenary of his birth, today we remember Miguelito Valdés for his absolute and sincere dedication in stages, for his influence, for his recordings and films, because he was unique … the myth keeps growing.

To Bethlehem it is now

As if in the old Cuba the names were missing, he was baptized with five names: Miguel Ángel Eugenio Lázaro Zacarías Izquierdo Valdés and Hernández, and registered as born on September 6, 1912 – some authors claim that his birth occurred in 1910 and others in 1916- in a humble house in the Callejón de Velazco, located in Calle Casting between Picota and San Isidro, in the populous Belén neighborhood, in the heart of Old Havana. His father Emilio, born in Spain, arrived in Cuba with the antecedent of having been Colonel of the Imperial Navy. His mother, Norberta América Valdés Torres, came from Yucatan, Mexico, with fine Mayan features. As is often believed, his surname is not related to the legendary House of Charity and Maternity of Havana, descendants of some Cuban musicians surnamed Valdés.

The Casa de Beneficencia began in 1705, then called “Casa Cuna”, under the auspices of the bishop of the Havana diocese, Fray Jerónimo Valdés, who not only gave the work its goods and enthusiasm, but also baptized and gave its name to all the disinherited and abandoned children who arrived as innocent victims of the unjust colonial society to the House. Fray Valdés, in turn, was a noted musician who taught his proteges to play different musical instruments.

Miguelito was raised only by his mother who lived on public charity, along with five brothers and a sister, in the Aurora Passage of the Havana neighborhood of Key West, poor neighborhood cradle of rumberos and soneros. Near his house was the solar Africa, along with his brother Oliverio participated as soon as “touches of saint” and “rumbas de cajón” were organized and there he met Chano Pozo and they became friends and they sang and played rumbas. There, his knowledge and mastery of the ancestral Afro-Cuban songs and rhythms was born.

He studied his first years at the Emiliano Zapata School. He arrived until the sixth grade, there were no resources to continue them. Miguelito’s childhood was, like so many other poor children, a constant struggle for survival that included different jobs: at age eleven he worked as an assistant in a mechanics workshop, located in Zanja between Castillejo and Aramburu, repairing bodies. In 1926 he tried to make a living as a boxer and, after a promising 23-fight welterweight division career, he even won an amateur championship, retired to join, in 1927, the Sexteto Habanero Juvenil where he played three, guitar, double bass, maracas and sang. The son was fashionable. His idol at that time was the Mexican singer José Mojica, a tenor very famous for those years in Cuba.

Going to a Music Festival or Concert in Austin

Music Festival

Are you planning to go to a music festival in Austin this year? So, have you made all the preparations that are important for staying there? Well, we are not talking about the ticket booking or the rest of the process that is required for attending the concert. We are talking about the preparations that one must make when traveling to a new place for the first time. In fact, it’s not only for the first timers but the regular visitors should also make all the preparations before leaving their state or country.

We are trying to discuss the importance of finding the accommodations in Austin because concert tickets can be purchased even at the last minute. But if you didn’t book your accommodation before leaving for Austin, you’d get into a lot of trouble because finding an accommodation after reaching the Austin is very complicated. And most of the accommodations would charge you a lot of money during the concerts.

So, you should make the wise and instant decision before leaving for Austin. Let’s take a look at the accommodations you can choose when you go to Austin for a concert.

Hotel San Jose

Hotel San Jose is an expensive hotel as compared to the other accommodation options but the facilities that you can enjoy here are not found in other hotels. You can enjoy a lavish accommodation and take advantage of the incredible facilities. And the best part is the location of the hotel because it is located in the center of the city. So, you can easily reach your destination within a few minutes. The hotel has its own car service which means you won’t have to struggle a lot to find a cab.

Heywood Hotel

Heywood hotel has been serving the customers for decades. And the best thing about this hotel is that it provides you a lot of amenities at very affordable rates. The best thing about this hotel is that it has its own bus service which means the bus will pick you up from the hotel and take you to the concert. And after attending the concert, you can simply get on the bus and get back to your hotel. However, this service is only available for customers that are traveling in groups. So, you can join a group that has come to the concert.

The Driskill

The Driskill is the traditional style hotel in Austin. And it is the most affordable option for visitors that have come for the music festival or concert. The service of the hotel is highly admirable and the staff is very friendly as well. Here are some other accommodation options if you are going to a music festival or concert in Austin in 2018.

Here Are Some of the Most Successful Musicians Turned Business Mogul Stories

Business mogul

The success stories are always a great inspiration for people to continue their journey towards success. But when it comes to talking about the success stories of musicians, everybody gets attentive because we are all eager about listening to the success stories of some famous musicians. There are some musicians that achieved success in their relevant field and started making different songs and tone.

But there are some musicians that gained success in the music world and then started their journey in the business industry. Today, we are going to talk about the musicians that became successful businessmen in a very short span of time. The famous musicians do not have to spend a lot of efforts on promoting their business because there are already known at a very large scale.

So, all they need to do is to step into this world and start promoting their business. Well, there are some musicians that failed in the business industry but we’ll talk about that later. Currently, we are only going to talk about the most successful business stories of the musicians. And we are sure that it will play an important role in inspiring you to continue your journey towards success.

Here are some of the most successful musicians turned business mogul stories.

Benji & Joel Madden

These two singers became rich and famous after singing about the negativity that is spread by the rich and famous lifestyle. So, they started a clothing business in 2005 and named it “MADE”. The business grew instantly and they decided to add some other items to the store. Once they took this step, they changed the name of the company to DCMA Collection.

The business flourished every day and it kept expanding for a very long time. Celebrities like Paris Hilton played an important role in promoting this business. Similarly, the fans and artists also participated in giving it a boost.

Kanye West

The success story of Kanye West is really interesting as he was dropped out of art school. But he didn’t lose hope and managed to become popular in the music world. In the beginning, he worked as a producer and with the passage of time, he became a solo artist. His story became famous when he wrote an incredible book about his life. This book helped him become famous and now he has plans of opening a café in Washington D.C.

Alicia Keys

This 24-year old started her own production company in 2006. Keys is popularly known as an independent person all around the world. She participated in many movies and TV shows. She is also the co-founder of KrucialKeys Enterprises. Here are some other most successful musicians turned business mogul stories.

Planning Tips To Make The Most Out of Your Next Concert or Music Festival


The mistakes that you have made in your last concert or music festival are enough and you can’t afford to make any mistakes now because it may put your career at risk. You must have already taken help from an expert while planning your first concert or music festival. However, we are human and we all make mistakes. So, there is no problem if you couldn’t organize your previous concert the way it was supposed.

But you can’t afford to make the same mistakes again and again because it’s all about maintaining your career. So, you must be very careful now. We understand the difficulties that one has to face in order to plan a perfect concert or music festival. Therefore, we have brought some planning tips for you that will make it easier for you to organize a concert or music festival.

The Zero Nose Bleeds – Austin Concerts can be the best inspiration for you if you have never organized a concert or music festival before. However, here are the planning tips to make the most out of your next concert or music festival.

Choose the location

The location puts an impact on the results of a concert and music festival. Therefore, you must choose the location accordingly. You need to choose a location where participants and audience can easily reach. And the location should be comfortable enough so that the audience may enjoy a lot while the participants are performing on the stage.

The equipment

The equipment should also be organized accordingly. All the accessories that are going to be used during a performance should be available there all the time. Otherwise, you’d have to face a lot of embarrassment and we know that you can’t afford to face any of such issues. Therefore, you should keep everything ready so the participants can easily perform on the stage.

The lighting

Most of the concerts are usually organized at night so you must make arrangements for the light. The light that is used on the stage can also make your festival successful. If you don’t know how to set the lights properly, you must hire an expert for this job. The experts know how to arrange the lights at different points while organizing a concert or music festival.

Prepare a backup

An intelligent event planner always keeps a backup of all the accessories that are important for making a concert successful. However, if you can afford to keep a backup for all accessories, you should at least prepare a backup for electricity because electricity is really important for successfully running a concert or music festival. Here are some other planning tips to make the most out of your next concert or music festival.

Frankie Dante : Seditious of the Sauce


“There, there, there, in the shade of a flamboyant among a thousand bouquets of red flowers full of spring scent …” Yes, there, leaning on his cyclopean flamboyant, but not in his shadow as the theme of Leavitt, but face to the sun, shining with its most peculiar light, with its mocking and rebellious gestures. Frankie Dante, the singer of the thousand faces, of the lost look, of the delinquent pose; the man with the chameleon covers, the mafia smile and the dark glasses as gangster ‘coppoliano’; sonero of cynical grin, the maverick Marxian breathing and laughter to the ears and here I mean the old red and community of the Capital , but the mustachioed pure boat chimney, American humorous: Mr. Groucho Marx.

Lenin Francisco Domingo Cerda was born on a historic day: September 15, 1945 in Quisqueya. They baptized him with the name of the leader of the Russian revolution. It was not political but it was rebellious and rebellious. He chose the path of musical protest and began the “great march” from Santo Domingo to New York with his cowboy hat and steel heels to fight for social justice and settled in ‘The Big Apple’ with the alias that would make world famous: Frankie Dante, yes, as well as he reads it, Dante, as the illuminated writer of The Divine Comedy .

Frankie Dante, extravagant of the sauce, misunderstood and loved, reviled and adored. His timbre borrachón (drunken version of Ismael Quintana), his youthful outbursts and the humble label in which he recorded condemned him to the catacombs of the musical trade, elevating him, however, to the category of ‘underground’ and this translates: musician of a elite Whose? Of the chosen from the basement: The plebe of the ‘cloaca’. With his combo of insurgents banished to the subway, he inaugurated his rumbón with different directions, setting up from the beginning, how different and refractory his creed was. It was 1968 and Dante put the chest, like the untamed jibaro that he was, before the criticism of the salsa ‘establishment’ of the time for Happiness! of the subversive mass that accompanied him.

The big apple is huge and at the same time small. In 1972 Dante dared to climb the stairs, unclog the culvert and know the other side of the concrete jungle. Covered with his barrel and his inseparable lantern Eureka !, found the Man … He crossed with a jewish wig who was disgusted with racism and who caressed black and white without difficulty. What emanated from his piano was magic; the name of this formidable producer and performer: Larry Harlow. What a success! Very clever Dante, he did his accomplice and they were photographed for posterity on a plaque that, tells the anecdote, Larry wanted to get it after a collector and his fan and, what he received by response was a resounding negative. For these new games, Frankie, still without renouncing his extravagances, He looks like a Baretta beanie, a bald face and a conservative smile, something feigned perhaps, worthy of a campaign politician. Although the appearance was different, the speech remained similar and the protest changed into pretension. Total, the occasion warranted it and it was a worthy resource, fruit of its ability that of insurance remedy of some seasoned politician. It is well known that Dante never read Machiavelli, but he longed for the highest magistracy in the musical world.

The Best Celebrity Style & Trends in 2020


The vogue keeps changing with every season and every passing year. People love to follow their style icons and get utterly awe-struck by the panache that the stars carry. Many popular stars have conquered the hearts of their fans not just with their performance as an artist but also by the flair that they exude. Four months into the year that marks the start of a new decade, many events have already been hosted in different parts of the world with celebrities walking the red carpet in their stilettos and long dresses. All these stars wear a smile and gleaming bespoke dresses to the major events only to leave the thousands of fans in the world captivated by their looks. The award season of this year has just finished and is now is the time for other major events. Let us have a look at the best trends that celebrities have brought into the talks in 2020.


The big night was two months back where the celebrities came striding in flair; the moment all fans were waiting for. It is not just about the awards that are being distributed that the audience is excited about. They are always equally curious to know what their favorite star is wearing. Those robes are now the style-defining creations that all fans are waiting to get done for themselves. Here are the celebrities who dressed the best for the biggest celebration of Hollywood glamor.

1.      Natalie Portman

She had all the eyes falling on her black gown, which had a cape to cover the delicate golden knitted insides. The cape came with the names of all female directors who were snubbed at the Academy Awards. Who would have imagined Natalie to take the courage to condemn the committee for overlooking some great talents this year? She made it possible with her custom Dior gown, sending a strong message most subtly.

2.      Caitriona Balfe

Caitriona Balfe wore the couture designed by Maison Valentino to her first Academy Awards. She was carrying style with the black and pink dress she wore and was exuding the features of mermaid silhouette with an overlay of pink that was tied at the neck as a big bow. The bold red lip, sleek hairstyle, and the pearl earrings that made a statement along with the ring that was of the same design accessorized the black and blue gown.

Caitriona Balfe

3.      Lily Aldridge

She came walking on the red carpet with the custom white gown designed by Ralph Lauren. Lily is a Victoria Secret model who carried the dress effortlessly through the event and made an unforgettable impression. The deep plunging v-neck gown with the red floral detailing and thigh-high slot by her leg was spreading heat all through that night.

4.      Zazie Beetz

The lead actress in the Oscar-nominated movie Joker, Zazie Beetz wore a beautiful smile on her face that further accentuated the sequined sleek black gown designed by Thom Browne. The dress consisted of a strapless corset and a mid-length skirt with sling-back pumps that went well with her curls.

4 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Musicians


There remains a common misconception about the music lessons that it is only for the ones who want to pursue a career in music. That is not true. People from all walks of life both enjoy and learn music for the magic it holds within the growth of the song. There isn’t anything as soothing as a piece of music in this world to settle your troubled mind. A therapeutic effect exudes through the beats of every song, which alone is enough to kindle within anyone the interest to learn music.

Many successful people from other fields have learnt music even when their career has nothing to do with music. A realization that there are several benefits of educating oneself about music has led to many of these people focusing on it. Let us have a look at some of the famous actors, leaders, athletes, and authors who are also musicians but not well-known for it.

1. Albert Einstein

There wouldn’t be a person who doesn’t know Albert Einstein for the legend he is. You will have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of him at any point of time in life. He is one of the smartest men to have lived on this planet, which was proven through his contributions to physics. Albert Einstein has always said that he would have become a musician if he wasn’t a physicist, which he already was. Einstein was so fond of violin and piano so much so that he learnt to play them to be extremely capable at it.

2. Harry Truman

The 33rd President of the US, Harry Truman, wasn’t only the leader of the country to the end of World War 2 but was also a capable musician. He has stated on many occasions that he would have never become a politician if he had more talent to pursue a career as a pianist. The United States would have missed a President with such a pleasant personality if he had followed his passion.

Harry Truman

3. Condolezza Rice

Condolezza was the former Secretary of State who is also known for her passion for becoming a pianist. She went to university to become a concert pianist; that later led her to pick a different career. But she never took the backseat with her passion as she continued playing it and also did a cameo on “30 Rock,” a TV show where she put her piano skills on display.

4. Ryan Gosling

The La La Land star, Ryan Gosling is well-known for his acting chops and have been highly praised for many of his roles and even got nominated for the Academy Awards two times. He is also an indie musician playing for the band “Dead Man’s Bones” with the pseudonym “Baby Goose.” So, he is skillful not just with acting but also singing, playing the piano, and playing the guitar. What more can an actor wish for in his lifetime than the acceptance of the audience for everything he does.