4 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Musicians

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There remains a common misconception about the music lessons that it is only for the ones who want to pursue a career in music. That is not true. People from all walks of life both enjoy and learn music for the magic it holds within the growth of the song. There isn’t anything as soothing as a piece of music in this world to settle your troubled mind. A therapeutic effect exudes through the beats of every song, which alone is enough to kindle within anyone the interest to learn music.

Many successful people from other fields have learnt music even when their career has nothing to do with music. A realization that there are several benefits of educating oneself about music has led to many of these people focusing on it. Let us have a look at some of the famous actors, leaders, athletes, and authors who are also musicians but not well-known for it.

1. Albert Einstein

There wouldn’t be a person who doesn’t know Albert Einstein for the legend he is. You will have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of him at any point of time in life. He is one of the smartest men to have lived on this planet, which was proven through his contributions to physics. Albert Einstein has always said that he would have become a musician if he wasn’t a physicist, which he already was. Einstein was so fond of violin and piano so much so that he learnt to play them to be extremely capable at it.

2. Harry Truman

The 33rd President of the US, Harry Truman, wasn’t only the leader of the country to the end of World War 2 but was also a capable musician. He has stated on many occasions that he would have never become a politician if he had more talent to pursue a career as a pianist. The United States would have missed a President with such a pleasant personality if he had followed his passion.

Harry Truman

3. Condolezza Rice

Condolezza was the former Secretary of State who is also known for her passion for becoming a pianist. She went to university to become a concert pianist; that later led her to pick a different career. But she never took the backseat with her passion as she continued playing it and also did a cameo on “30 Rock,” a TV show where she put her piano skills on display.

4. Ryan Gosling

The La La Land star, Ryan Gosling is well-known for his acting chops and have been highly praised for many of his roles and even got nominated for the Academy Awards two times. He is also an indie musician playing for the band “Dead Man’s Bones” with the pseudonym “Baby Goose.” So, he is skillful not just with acting but also singing, playing the piano, and playing the guitar. What more can an actor wish for in his lifetime than the acceptance of the audience for everything he does.

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