A Tribute to the Founder of the Empire Johnny Pacheco and his Tasty Cannon

A Tribute to the Founder of the Empire Johnny Pacheco and his Tasty Cannon

The seventh edition of the Chim Pum Callao Festival is undoubtedly the most important. See in concert for the first time in the first port to Willie Rosario and his orchestra, the New York Stars directed by our compatriot Lucho Cueto, Tito Allen, Adalberto Santiago, Yomo Toro and the emblematic figure of Salsa, maestro Johnny Pacheco, It was a dream.


This dream come true thanks to the efforts of Lucho Cueto and Wilfredo Zúñiga, musical and general producers of the Festival, allowed to have among us not only the named stars, but the founder of the most important salsa empire in history, the famous Johnny Pacheco with his group Tumbao Añejo from the Fania label.

If it is true that the Festival was dedicated to paying tribute to the “Reyna Rumba” Celia Cruz and the “Singer of the Singers” Héctor Lavoe, there was a moral obligation to also give our recognition to Johnny Pacheco, a living legend of Afro-Latin Caribbean-American music . As the director of this website, we gave the teacher a reminder plaque for his first visit to Peru and for his fruitful musical career. The coordination for that effect was with Cuqui Pacheco, his wife, who acts as manager and programs his schedule of activities.

How to explain the feeling I felt to see myself in front of the teacher to give him the reminder plaque. It was one of the most important moments in my life as a music lover. I thanked him for so many moments of joy that I spent with his music. I will never forget his words: “Enrique, the same emotion that you feel, I feel it, it is an honor to receive this tribute, thank you very much” .

His presentation on the platform of Yawar Huaca was a reunion with his Tumbao Añejo , the matancerizing style that he printed on Salsa de los Setentas. A memorable scene, to see him with his gray hair, his elegant presence and his black güiro in hand, along with his singer Ray Veira and José Mangual Jr. in the choirs, performing his hits such as “Kímbara” , “Sonero” , “Guaguancó” pa’l que Sabe “ , ” El Agua del Clavelito “ and the theme that aroused the ovation of the 40 thousand souls that packed the sports complex ” Midley a Lavoe “ that included“The King of Punctuality” , “My People” and the “Singer” .

His temperament did not go unnoticed when he ordered greater aggression at the entrance of the mambo of the song “Mi Gente” , showing that despite his almost eighty years he still maintains that musical spirit that has led him to the success he still has.

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