Celebrity Style


The vogue keeps changing with every season and every passing year. People love to follow their style icons and get utterly awe-struck by the panache that the stars carry. Many popular stars have conquered the hearts of their fans not just with their performance as an artist but also by the flair that they exude. Four months into the year that marks the start of a new decade, many events have already been hosted in different parts of the world with celebrities walking the red carpet in their stilettos and long dresses. All these stars wear a smile and gleaming bespoke dresses to the major events only to leave the thousands of fans in the world captivated by their looks. The award season of this year has just finished and is now is the time for other major events. Let us have a look at the best trends that celebrities have brought into the talks in 2020.


The big night was two months back where the celebrities came striding in flair; the moment all fans were waiting for. It is not just about the awards that are being distributed that the audience is excited about. They are always equally curious to know what their favorite star is wearing. Those robes are now the style-defining creations that all fans are waiting to get done for themselves. Here are the celebrities who dressed the best for the biggest celebration of Hollywood glamor.

1.      Natalie Portman

She had all the eyes falling on her black gown, which had a cape to cover the delicate golden knitted insides. The cape came with the names of all female directors who were snubbed at the Academy Awards. Who would have imagined Natalie to take the courage to condemn the committee for overlooking some great talents this year? She made it possible with her custom Dior gown, sending a strong message most subtly.

2.      Caitriona Balfe

Caitriona Balfe wore the couture designed by Maison Valentino to her first Academy Awards. She was carrying style with the black and pink dress she wore and was exuding the features of mermaid silhouette with an overlay of pink that was tied at the neck as a big bow. The bold red lip, sleek hairstyle, and the pearl earrings that made a statement along with the ring that was of the same design accessorized the black and blue gown.

Caitriona Balfe

3.      Lily Aldridge

She came walking on the red carpet with the custom white gown designed by Ralph Lauren. Lily is a Victoria Secret model who carried the dress effortlessly through the event and made an unforgettable impression. The deep plunging v-neck gown with the red floral detailing and thigh-high slot by her leg was spreading heat all through that night.

4.      Zazie Beetz

The lead actress in the Oscar-nominated movie Joker, Zazie Beetz wore a beautiful smile on her face that further accentuated the sequined sleek black gown designed by Thom Browne. The dress consisted of a strapless corset and a mid-length skirt with sling-back pumps that went well with her curls.