Frankie Dante : Seditious of the Sauce

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“There, there, there, in the shade of a flamboyant among a thousand bouquets of red flowers full of spring scent …” Yes, there, leaning on his cyclopean flamboyant, but not in his shadow as the theme of Leavitt, but face to the sun, shining with its most peculiar light, with its mocking and rebellious gestures. Frankie Dante, the singer of the thousand faces, of the lost look, of the delinquent pose; the man with the chameleon covers, the mafia smile and the dark glasses as gangster ‘coppoliano’; sonero of cynical grin, the maverick Marxian breathing and laughter to the ears and here I mean the old red and community of the Capital , but the mustachioed pure boat chimney, American humorous: Mr. Groucho Marx.

Lenin Francisco Domingo Cerda was born on a historic day: September 15, 1945 in Quisqueya. They baptized him with the name of the leader of the Russian revolution. It was not political but it was rebellious and rebellious. He chose the path of musical protest and began the “great march” from Santo Domingo to New York with his cowboy hat and steel heels to fight for social justice and settled in ‘The Big Apple’ with the alias that would make world famous: Frankie Dante, yes, as well as he reads it, Dante, as the illuminated writer of The Divine Comedy .

Frankie Dante, extravagant of the sauce, misunderstood and loved, reviled and adored. His timbre borrachón (drunken version of Ismael Quintana), his youthful outbursts and the humble label in which he recorded condemned him to the catacombs of the musical trade, elevating him, however, to the category of ‘underground’ and this translates: musician of a elite Whose? Of the chosen from the basement: The plebe of the ‘cloaca’. With his combo of insurgents banished to the subway, he inaugurated his rumbón with different directions, setting up from the beginning, how different and refractory his creed was. It was 1968 and Dante put the chest, like the untamed jibaro that he was, before the criticism of the salsa ‘establishment’ of the time for Happiness! of the subversive mass that accompanied him.

The big apple is huge and at the same time small. In 1972 Dante dared to climb the stairs, unclog the culvert and know the other side of the concrete jungle. Covered with his barrel and his inseparable lantern Eureka !, found the Man … He crossed with a jewish wig who was disgusted with racism and who caressed black and white without difficulty. What emanated from his piano was magic; the name of this formidable producer and performer: Larry Harlow. What a success! Very clever Dante, he did his accomplice and they were photographed for posterity on a plaque that, tells the anecdote, Larry wanted to get it after a collector and his fan and, what he received by response was a resounding negative. For these new games, Frankie, still without renouncing his extravagances, He looks like a Baretta beanie, a bald face and a conservative smile, something feigned perhaps, worthy of a campaign politician. Although the appearance was different, the speech remained similar and the protest changed into pretension. Total, the occasion warranted it and it was a worthy resource, fruit of its ability that of insurance remedy of some seasoned politician. It is well known that Dante never read Machiavelli, but he longed for the highest magistracy in the musical world.

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